Construction Site Clearance & Demolitions

As well as undertaking the traditional groundworks and civil engineering operations, we also undertake a number of additional services.

This enables us to provide a fully inclusive service to our clients which also helps us to secure repeat business.

Ultimately, we are the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all things construction and civil engineering – including any demolition contracts in East Anglia and London.

Construction Site Clearance & Earth Moving

Most commonly undertaken when constructing new build projects, we have the expertise, plant and equipment to undertake clearance of both Brownfield and Greenfield sites prior to construction works commencing.

In addition to this, we have experience in earth moving exercises including cut / fill schemes which again we regularly undertake prior to commencement of groundworks and civil engineering schemes.

Asbestos Removal Works 

As part of our site clearance works, we have vast experience in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos. We have a waste carrier license issued by the Environment agency and we ensure that all sites that have asbestos present are registered with the Environment agency to ensure full compliance with all legislation.

Furthermore, we ensure that our operatives are issued with the latest PPE and training to ensure that they are properly equipped to undertake the works safely.