Demolition Of Old Housing

There was a requirement to undertake the complete demolition of an existing house to enable us to commence the construction of two new houses.

The demolition included the complete clearance of the house, floorslab, foundations and external areas.

On completion of the demolition, we undertook a ‘cut and fill’ earthworks project to make room for the new dwellings to be construction.

To reduce the cost of the project, we brought in a concrete crusher and we crushed all brick and concrete materials removed from the building which was then kept on site for re-use in the sub-base of the new houses. This also reduced the impact that the works had on the environment by reducing lorry movements and preventing material from going to a landfill site.

In keeping with our commitment to the environment, we also hand stripped and sorted all timber from the existing house and shredded it on site, of which the shredded material was provided to the local farmer for use in animal bedding.

The property contained a large amount of asbestos cement in the roof and we registered the site with the EA and safely disposed of the asbestos to a licensed tip.


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10th February 2012

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