Premier Inn – Basildon

We are currently working on the construction of a new extension to the Premier Inn in Basildon, our contract works include: Cut & fill. Car Park Construction. Drainage Diversions. Drainage Works. Deep Foundations...

Rainham Golf Course – Pump Station

We have recently completed the construction of a pump station to a golf course in Essex, our works included: Bulk excavation. Construction of 1500mm dia pump chambers 6m in depth. Backfill around chambers. Construction of reinforced concrete...

Elsenham Landfill Leachate Works

We have recently undertook the construction of leachate chambers to the Elsenham Landill, our works included: Bulk excavation. Construction of leachate chambers. Supply and placement of tyre bails.

Rainham Driving Range

We have recently completed the Rainham driving range, our works included: Cut & Fill. Drainage. Concrete Foundations. Concrete Slabs. Superstructure Block Work. Timber Roof Construction. Roof Shingle Installation. External...

Retail Park Car Park Works

We have recently completed works to a retail park in Colchester whereby we undertook the following works… Street lighting modifications. Kerbing. Block paving. Asphalt. White lining.